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Friends of Metro Animal Services, Louisville, KY

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Friends of Metro Animal Services, Louisville, KY

Helping Lost, Abused, Injured, and Sick Pets

Did you know that Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) has been designated a no-kill shelter, based on time and space, for four years in a row? That's because of YOUR help! Without donors, volunteers, fosters, and field trips, our pets run the risk of kennel deterioration and not being adopted.

Your dollar is significant in helping pets that end up in our care. Some are abused, sick, abandoned, or lost. No matter how full our kennels are, we must intake every pet, because LMAS is the only open-admission shelter in Jefferson County.

Have you lost your pet? Nothing hurts more than seeing a lost pet’s aching heart waiting at the shelter for their owner to come and get them. Your donations help us to microchip every pet that has entered our facility. Should that pet get lost, the microchip helps identify the pet’s owner.

We cannot save every cat and dog without your generosity. Thank you for your donation and we hope that you will visit us soon at our new location at 3528 Newburg Road!

~ Friends of Metro Animal Services (FOMAS), 501(c)3, the sole fundraiser for LMAS