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Renew or Start Your Kennel Sponsorship

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When we opened the doors to the new Harshaw Family Foundation Animal Shelter in October 2019, we graced the new cat and dog kennels with names plates. If you currently have a name plate on a kennel, thank you!

It is now time to renew those sponsorships so that we may continue to subsidize the care for pets that find their way in to our shelter. Not all pets come in as lost/stray, they come in starved, severely injured, or neglected. Our veterinarian staff moves quickly to ensure the pet receives timely and adequate medical care.

Will you renew your sponsorship for one year?

Cat kennels & small dog kennels = $500 sponsorship

Large dog kennels = $1,000 sponsorship

If you would like to pay by check or split the donation into more than one payment, please email